Author: Grass and Vanilla

Book Review Round-Up: Lustrum (Robert Harris, 2009); Conqueror (Conn Iggulden, 2011); The Girl Who Played With Fire (Stieg Larsson, 2006)

That last reading roundup was all very well you say, but have I read more books this spring? Why yes I have and these are they. (more…)


Book Review Round-Up: The Silkworm (Robert Galbraith, 2014); The Miniaturist (Jessie Burton, 2014); Lullaby (Leïla Slimani, 2014)

I’ve been reading quite a lot recently but have been neglecting my reviews, for shame. So here’s a trio of topped and tailed juicy review gobbets, with some more to follow soon. Get hype. (more…)